We bought a Farm


the front of the house


the back of the house
the backyard

On a relaxing weekend we were spending at home, Kevin was taking a break from a game, in which he was trying to kick the habit of playing *cough, cough candy crush,* to turn his attention toward something more noble, Real Estate.

We had been living in a tiny flat in London for a few years now and were dreaming of the day we could have a place to spread out.   In his perusing these dreams, he had stumbled upon this amazing farm in Maine.  It had lots of room, lots of land, and not to mention was a killer deal.  It was almost too good to be true.  The only thing was, it was 3k miles away from where we were currently living… a whole ocean away.

And unlike most people rather than forgetting it and going about our usual business, we decided to inquire about it.  Next thing you know Kevin is hopping on a plane to see it, and ends up buying it sight unseen.  Then in the spring of 2017, we decided to move back to the States from our home we had made in London and make this farmhouse our new home.

The farmhouse was built in 1790.  That’s only 14 years after the Declaration of Independence was signed.  How crazy is that!!!  It needs loads of TLC and we are excited for this new project of ours.

with love, Sara



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